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Intel patent applications in China up to 30000

August 16 , 2010 09:47:300 PM utc+8

Intel China, from an  office in 1985,to greater China company that directly report to headquarters nowadays,It has grown into a company that combines research and development, manufacturing and sales operations, and it is  one of the most versatile branch outside the United States. This is mainly thanks to Intel's intellectual property rights and local innovation strategy.

Recently, Intel attend the 2010 China (Dalian) International Patent Technology and Product Fair. By demonstrating the creation of 42 years in the field of technological innovation and patent important achievement, innovation and intellectual property management,to share ideas and experience success, Intel is committed to promoting the pace of China's independent innovation and healthy environment for the construction industry.

In the past 42 years,Intel constantly bring forth new ideas in the innovation.Innovation and to encourage the exploration has been the inherent nature of Intel.Innovationhas been integrated into every stage of Intel's development - from micro to nano process, from 4 bit to 64 bit micro- processors, from the Pentium to Core, from silicon technology, micro-architecture to the chip and platform innovation, Intel is continuously inject fresh vitality to the industry and with industry partners, to jointly develop innovative products and promoting industry standards, making users all over the world more exciting experience.

In China, Intel's intellectual property strategy, and the simultaneous development of Chinese IT industry has made remarkable achievements. It is reported that Intel's patent application in China reached 30000 per year, so far, the total patent applications reached 2,000.

For the management and protection for intellectual property, Intel to take a positive and open attitude.By the launch of multiple projects,Intel is working to promote the pace of independent innovation of China's industrial development and health environment.

Since 1998, Intel has invested more than 90 company in the mainland China and Hong Kong , industries involved in mobile Internet, digital home, environmental protection technology.Intel is committed to promoting technological innovation of Chinese local companies and entrepreneurial spirit.


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